Digital printing

The Gyomai Kner Printing House offers complete mailing services – starting from printing through double-sided personalization and enveloping to posting – to administrative institutions, local governments, banks, insurance companies, public utilities and trading companies, with full respect for the data protection rules.

When is digital technology beneficial?

Limited edition books

If the number of copies of the book to be published is fewer than 500, digital printing is more economical than conventional offset technology.

Personalized forms,
business correspondence

Digital printing enables you to create a tailor-made surface of business forms, with customization and a personalized offer.

Textbooks, notes

The printing house has many years of experience in textbook production. For larger copies, educational publications are produced using offset procedures, while for smaller quantities – digitally. Digital printing is a cost-effective solution for creating the schools’ own notes. We also undertake the production of test sheets for higher education institutions, even with security elements against abuses.

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