Book printing

The Gyomai Kner Printing House has more than 100 years of experience in the field of large-scale book production. Special needs are fulfilled by highly-trained staff with many years of experience and by a factory equipped with a state-of-the-art printing technology and complete bookbinding production lines. Through its capacity and quality book production, the Company is a major player in the domestic commercial book and textbook market.

Our book binding solutions

Hardback books

It is the most reliable form of durable and high-quality book production, which retains its shape even under intense daily stress. It is recommended for the production of exclusive books and albums; there is a wide selection of base materials for both the inside pages and the board covers, thus enhancing the special features of individual publications. Ideas can only be limited by your imagination and the base materials available.

Paperback books

The perfect bound book has several advantages: it takes much less time to produce than flexible or hardback books, and the cost of production is also more favorable. The cover can also be flapped in this case. This can be useful for several reasons because, on the one hand, the book gives a more massive impression in hand and, on the other hand, there is more space on the cover to convey information.

Flexible books

From the point of view of binding, flexible cover books constitute a transitional solution for those who consider the hardback solution too robust and the cardboard or perfect bound version too simple. The spine and case sheets are unnecessary for cover production; besides paper, the base material of the cover can be plastic as well. The finished book will be lighter than a hardback book, but more durable than a paperback publication.

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