The history of the printing house

Since the time of the founding of Gyomai Kner Printing House in 1882, our journey has been beset by challenges. Overcoming these challenges has shown us the way and supported our continuous development.. It has already been a long journey, but it is always the part ahead that is the most important.

During the period of economic recovery that characterized the late 1800’s, a bookbinder, encouraged by the local leadership of Gyoma, started a business as an “amateur” printer. As a result of the high quality of his work and good business sense, the one-man printing company of Izidor Kner, founded in 1882, developed into a factory of 150 employees by the years preceding the First World War.

The main products of the company were the production and distribution of administrative forms, later accompanied by the sale of office supplies to provide customers with a comprehensive service. Through the artistic ball invitation tenders announced in the first years of the 20th century (an early form of crowdsourcing), the founder of the printing house presented hundreds of juried works in the papers “Röpke Lapok” (“Short Papers”), which could be used at almost all programmes and events of social life (balls, concerts, flag consecration, etc.).

The name Kner was made famous by book production; although Izidor Kner had been involved in book publishing since the beginning, its quality and quantity changed after his firstborn son, Imre Kner, began to work. After a short study in Leipzig, Imre became the technical director of the printing house at the age of 17. Breaking with the practice of the time, created Baroque typography, for which Lajos Kozma made book decorations, initials, sections and imprints. The most beautiful publications of this era are the volumes of “Három Cseppke Könyvek”, “Kner Classics”, and “Monumenta Literarum”. The traditions and quality of the past are also followed by today’s Gyomai Kner Printing House, now as a member of the largest Hungarian company, ANY Security Printing Company Group.

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