We are pleased that Gyomai Kner Printing House has been awarded this year again with the Hungarian Brands Award in the “Excellent Business Brand” category.

The Hungarian Brands program awards excellent brands related to Hungary for the tenth year now. Criteria for winning the award include the creation of outstanding intellectual value, brand awareness, popularity and reliability. Despite the difficulties of 2020, the relationship between Hungarian brands and their customers was further strengthened through the conscious responsibility of companies, which is also an important factor in the evaluation.

The name of Gyomai Kner fits right into this line, as we have been providing the best quality printing service to our customers for more than 130 years. Our commitment to quality, the professionalism of our employees and continuous industrial development guarantee to meet quickly and accurately our customers’ wide-ranging needs. We believe that exceptional results depend on both a good customer relationship and the thorough planning and execution of the work. We will do our best to ensure that our current clients choose us in the future too.